12/21/18 - posted by kathy reyen judd
A baby boomer for sure, b. 1950. I lived on Pacheco St. and walked to 1/2 year of kindergarten (we had no car and my brother was a baby) alone in Fall, 1955, and then moved to Low First in 1956. I had forgotten Mrs. Chandler's name, but I'm sure I had her. Then I had someone named "Miss Smyrnice" or something, who was getting married--big news! I was thrilled to discover finger painting. We made ashtrays and pencil holders; I could not convince the teacher that my dad didn't use those big fat pencils we made the holes with. Somewhere, I still have my hand print from kindergarten. There was an earthquake in March, 1957, or so, any by May we had moved Back East, where my parents were from. I had been halfway thru 2nd grade, and I was tall, so I thought I should go into 3rd. The Connecticut schools did not agree, but I was the first kid in my class that the 2nd grade teacher led over to the "chapter books" to read, so I must have learned something. Several years ago, I donated my class pictures to the SF Historical Society; they said they had no others from Noriega Home School.
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