02/05/06 - posted by Paul Judge
I’m at home drydocked with a cold, my mind races. Lemme try this...

Can’t help ya at all with the 13 trees by the log cabin in the Park.
But, Mister can I fill yer tank?

48th and Geary, The service station built like a lighthouse, wasn’t it a Chevron? My dad said the Coast Guard wouldn’t allow them to place a rotating lamp in it for fear that mariners might mistake it for the real Mile Rock Light. Same was said that St. Thomas the Apostle Church couldn’t have a bell in its bell tower for fear that it’s chimes might be mistaken for channel bouys at the entrance to the Gate. So, why then did St. Monica’s (school rivals, get it?) get to have their bells and ring ‘em too?

46th and Cabrillo, it was an older service station with a considerable repair garage. I don’t recall if it was affiliated with an oil company or an independent

39th and Balboa, Was it a Richfield? Square brick construction across from St. Thomas Elementary School (“Go Wildcats!”)

38th and Geary, in the late ‘60s into the ’70s it was a Mobil

37th and Balboa, Bill’s Shell Station, down the corner from Lafeyette Elementary School (Hello Mrs Gilkrisp and Mr. Seymour). I recall my older sisters taking me to a large gathering of kids for the Hallowean Contests in ‘55 &’56 sponsored by this service station or nearby grocery market.

36th and Balboa, Perhaps an independent? The most important thing to me about this landmark was that it was next door to Frosty Bossy Ice Cream, a source of big time, treat pleasures. If our Uncle Buddy was coming to dinner, he brought dessert!

35th and Balboa, Perhaps an independent? Caution: childhood memory at play!

33rd and Balboa, Another independent? My parents would by-pass
3rd tier independent stations. Perhaps it was the guys who worked there who tended to be workin’ on the hot rods or motorcycles. Often they wore dirty overalls or tight jeans and cigarette boxes in their T-Shirt sleeves. Mom and Dad had four daughters, I don’t think they appreciated ‘Fonzy’ oogling their girls while he cleaned the windows!

3 at 33rd and Geary,
N.W. Corner: Unocal or Union 76?
N.E. Corner: Flying A or Associated
S.W. Corner: Chevron

Down the rest of the list, I remember those stations but as the descend to the East I am less familiar with their brand affiliation.

3 at 25th and Geary,
N.E. Corner: may have been a Shell
S.E. Corner: I recall that it was painted white with blue trim and highlights (sounds like I’m talk’n about a hair style!). I think in the late’50’s early ‘60’s it was affiliated with a line of cheaply priced gas and maybe one of the first stations that was ‘Self-Serve”. Remember the above Caution Note. Neighbor kids of ours who were my older sister’s age, Jim and Ron Noonan and perhaps some of the ‘Jones Boy’ (43rd Ave. between Balboa and Anza) ran the place for a while. This is the station with the mural that John remembers just a shade later in the decade under different management.

25th and California: Unocal or Union 76?

"Do you want S & H Green Stamps with your purchase?

Who can correct these and or fill in the rest?

I’m on empty.
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