03/08/10 - posted by S Straw

While reviewing some old news clippings from the Gemini and Apollo space missions, I checked the obverse side of a page 1 clipping in the SF Chronicle from March 24, 1965 to see what else was in the news that day.

I thought this might be of interest to someone who once knew the man, and could, some 40 years on, remember having interracted with him.

Driver Slain By Police After Chase

A young Richmond district service station attendant was shot to death by police late last night after his car was reportedly involved in an accident.

Preliminary reports inidcated that the man may have fired at officers before he was killed.

The victim was identified as Knute Axel Besk, 23, a former Army paratrooper, of 128 Forth avenue.

Besk was pronounced dead on arrival at Park Emergency Hospital shortly after last rites were administered by Father Patrick Moriarty of St. Anne's Church, 15th avenue and Judah street.

Homicide Inspector Walter Kracke, in charge of the investigation, was interrogating three police officers at the Hall of Justice early today and would release no details of the shooting.

Besk was shot on the Great Highway between Lincoln way and Fulton street.

Police reports indicated however, that Besk was pursued by a police motorcycle and a two-man traffic investigation car after the accident.

Besk's mother, Sophie, said he never carried a gun and had no police record.

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