02/19/07 - posted by Dodge Riedy
Hi Guys...

It's the infamous Dodge Riedy... The story of the dipstick thing never happend. Although might have done it if I had thought of it at the time.
We had lots of fun there at that gas station. The first owner I worked for was John Siemens, and the second was Bill Trimble.
Went by awhile ago and not much has changed there in the 35yrs or so that has passed since I worked there.
There were still the two U-shaped dents in the work bench where one of my co-workers ran me into the work bench with a 1965 T-Bird smashing my legs into the work bench making the U-shaped dents.
One time I got a call from the night clean up man stating that he had raised the lift (which he wasn't supposed to do) it had a volkswagen on it and it fell off on it's side
landing on the tire changing machine. I called a friend that worked nights at Courtesy Tow (another great place in the Richmond District) he came over with a tow truck and we lifted it off without a scratch. The customer never knew, my boss never knew and Andy the owner of Courtesy Tow never knew.

Great web site,

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