03/01/06 - posted by don paolino
Sounds like Dodge alright. He had red hair and lots of freckels and looked like howdy doody. Was in my st monicas class from 55 kindergarten thru 8th grade in 1964.
He was kind of the class clown. Once he came over to my house on 26th and fulton around 63 or 64 and started to set fire to a lot of stuff. I was busy putting them all out. He brought a hunting knife to school once.
He was the assistant manager I think at the Unocal station at 25th and calif. He lived on Lake st and 26th. big 3 story place. his dad had a 1915 model T when I went over there once. Also had a 49 Ford ragtop.
The station on NE corner of 25th and Geary was owned by a fellow named George Belden. I used to catch the 28 bus there to get to Fulton st. In the mid 1950s that was a vacant lot with a billboard on it I remember. I remember my mom telling me that Mr. Belden went out of business cause they made him put in those vapor recovery gas nozzles.
My dad was a lodge brother of the guy who ran the station at 8th and geary; a shell station on the sw corner. His name was Jack Sanford and lived in the Westlake I think.
My dad used to get a lot of his gas for the 56 Dodge Coronet at the King Regal on 6th and Geary.
My uncle ran a Richfield station for a couple of years in West Portal around 1961.
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