02/12/06 - posted by Dennis
There was also a cluster of "Service Stations" along California Street. One small operation was right in that triangle between 5th. and 6th. and California and Cornwall. Right up from that was a large Chevron? on the South West corner of 4th. and Calif. and a Richfield? on the South East corner. Knute Besk or maybe Busk worked at that station and so did another local, Alan Hom, who, I believe, went on to join the Hells Angels. This was somewhere around 1958. I bought a 1952 Harley 45 from Knute. I remember buying used tires there and also checking out my inner tube repair jobs in the tire shaped bucket they always had on site. And it was bicycle inner tube repairs before that. And the stations were a great resource for free air and water, both water for your radiator and the ever present drinking fountain. As an aside, there used to be a vending machine in the Presidio near the Parade Grounds that had bottles of Coke for 5 cents. In the fairly recent past, there was Mick and Jims [ Mc Guire ] at about 26th. and Clement.
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