02/11/06 - posted by Dennis
First the Avenue of Trees. I recall visiting the Avenue of Trees with Dr. Elizabeth McClintock who was, I believe, A Botanist with the Academy of Sciences in the Park. My memory fails me with respect to the trees actually being from the 13 Original Colonies or representative of trees from the 13 Original Colonies. At any rate, there were a few additional trees planted from time to time. There may even be a couple of those that survived near the Willis Polk Rock. Tulip trees, Liriodendron Tulipifera? I think. Dr. McClintock has written a couple of books on "The Trees Of Golden Gate Park".
I believe there is a reference to some of the 13 trees in one of those books. There is also a very large Pine planted just east of the Avenue and there used to be a plaque at the base dated about 1915 stating that "This Tree was planted by the Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extrordinary of the Republic? of China to commemorate the lasting friendship between our two Countries". Now that I think of it, the Avenue of Trees is currently performing an unforeseen act of kindness, so to speak, by obscuring the sight of that incredibly ugly "New de Young " from people using the Pioneer Log Cabin Meadow.
O.K. Gas Stations.
Waaay back, I worked at the King Regal station at 7th. and Geary.When I applied for the job I was informed that the pace was a run or a " brisk trot". And you had to wash the windshield and check whatever was asked, and politely, too. A far cry from the truculent cahier behind bulletproof glass. Anyway, at one point regular was going for 21 cents a gallon and people actually brought in large containers so that they could hoard the stuff in their basements. Plus you got redeemable stamps in the bargain. I don't know if anyone mentioned them but there were two gas stations on Arguello just south of Geary. And I remember that we used to pick up the Sunday Paper on Saturday night from a gentleman that had been operating forever out of a Kiosk right next to the Gas Station on the South West Corner of Geary and Arguello. Later run by George and Jim Nakamura.
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