01/30/06 - posted by Roberta Blackburn
I graduated from Lincoln HS in June 1958. For three years everyone met at The Grill restaurant on Taraval St. before and after school. I remember the place was so packed you could hardly get to the back (where all the cool kids hung of course).

Before school we had coffee and a heated snail with melted butter on top then trek up the hill(s) to school unless you knew someone who had a car to give you a ride. We'ed all pile into his car, probably six to eight of us and ride to school.

After school it was back to the Grill for a cherry coke, some gossiping and flirting then wait for the "L" (or was it the "K") car which I took to the tunnel to transfer to the "M" car to get home.

Speaking of the tunnel, does anyone remember the name of the pizza place just this (you know what end I mean)end of the tunnel?
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