01/04/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
Hey Lorrie:

I totally remember you from our crazy star-crossed days at Lincoln!! You had long brown hair - I had long light brown light red hair - ha ha! We ALL had long hair back then!! You were a semester ahead of me I think - you were in the same class as Pat McKeever and Gail DeKoss. Do you remember Dave Ferguson and the twins Mary and Melody? Or Louie Crow? Or Tod Glyer? Or Shirley Belche, Spring Von Cleve or Dave Van Leuwen? Or Miss Zora Kurtz (the really cool humanities teacher)or Mr. Witt (my favorite drama teacher) ? You and I were both hippie girls way back in the day. Girl, I know you and I have met before - send me an email if you want.
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