10/30/14 - posted by Dana George Whitney
My name is Dana George Whitney. My Father is George Whitney Jr. and my Grandfather is George Whitney Sr. I will keep this simple. I have no idea who Warren Crandall is and I cannot find anyone in my family who has ever heard of him. He has been asserting himself as some sort of authority on the Whitney family, Playland, Cliff House Properties and my family's involvement with Disneyland and Walt himself. The article written by him titled, "Playland Memories from a Whitney Family Member" is packed full of statements that are completely false and he has been misrepresenting the Whitney family. My Mother read this article today for the first time and could not believe what this man had written. He has also written articles on other forums involving Disneyland and Facebook groups associated with Playland ect. I would advise anyone who is interested in the history of all above and comes across anything written by this man Warren Crandall to please use caution and to be aware.
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