05/28/10 - posted by jb
Regretfully, I think if Playland were alive today it would die of ennui. What is needed is a "virtual Playland" killer app for your iPad so you wouldn't have to deal with the fog, you could modulate the tone and volume of Laughing Sal and never force your ass to leave the couch...everyone would be the last person sitting when the wheel stopped just like as kids, when they got trophies just for showing up to a soccer game with their shoes tied.

All is fair in cyberspace...that's why everyone is living there for a few hundred bucks a month.

Cheers...and by the way, get your hot-wired ass to the back of the line and wait like the rest of us had to or I'll give you a burlap wedgie!


Taking no prisoners and giving no quarter.
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