01/22/08 - posted by Becca
When I was a child my parents would take us every year to SF and visiting the ruins of the Sutro Baths was always on our activities list. I found the history and rumors of the area fascinating and intriguing. Whenever I looked into the history and the fires I would get the same answer, it was accidental. However, when I visit and talk to people there are many different views and beliefs about what happened then, and now. Your story is compelling to me and lends credence that the fire was in fact intentional. I questions I have to the speculations are this:
Do you know the names of those city officials involved?
Did they have a reason, to your knowledge, to want it all destroyed?
Who is responsible for starting the fire and did they really perish in it?

History is always compelling but the mystery of it all is so much more compelling to me. My curiousity always wins out over my judgement. I apologize if I'm being too nosy but I find it's easier to be straight forward. You can e-mail me at Pocketsszca@aol.com
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