09/11/07 - posted by Ann Seely
Warren, are you still out there?

Just read everbody's postings about Playland and the Sutro Baths, and I was fascinated! I am too young to have ever visited these places in their heyday, except to view the ruins.

When I first went down to walk around the baths in 1993, I had an overwhelming case of the heebie-jeebies! Those old rusty baths with the ladders going down into the deep dark depths freaked me out and I had to sit down for a few mintues to stop the dizziness and keep from falling in! (It reminded me too much of the indoor Roman pool at Hearst Castle - spooky! - anybody know what I'm talking about? You think I might have drowned in one of those things in another life?)

Anyway, thanks for all your stories - I'm looking for "material" for a fictional mystery novel set in S.F. involving you-can-guess: the '66 Sutro Baths Fire!

Warren, whether or not your story about the fire is true, I would love to hear more...

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