03/07/05 - posted by Regina Campodonico

Finding this site brings back memories of when i was little in the 1960's going with my family to a fun place that i loved but was also scarred of my parents would not let me on any of the rides for i was too small. I remember the big dipper and the roller coaster i think was called mouse trap. my parents did let me and older brother go in the FUn house and i too was scarred of the laughing lady and then ou had walk through these moviing things that compressed air that was loud and made my Mom scream. My brother went down the big slide i was too chicken.All in all i still had fun and i also remember a recoridng boothe where you could sing a song and get a record. My brother and i went in the boothe and decided to sing "The Flinstones" and during the redording we got into a fight because he was sining off key.LOL.No clue where that record is. I think my grandfather Charles Camp used to work there he use to own his own Circus and was the ring leader my Dad also worked with him in fact they were the Circus that was at the Port Chicago explosion. Unfortunately they have passed away but in my suveniors left i have original ticket book unused they are marked Whitney's 5 cents. Does anyone know what it might be worth?
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