10/19/04 - posted by Mrs Hill
Enjoyed your story. I swam in the pools at Sutros. My brothers swam in every one. There were so many to choose from, and they were all different. We also ice skated at the rink and ate lunch at the Clif House. I remember all the pictures of each time it was burned down. Yet I only heard you say it was burned once. Well we also enjoyed Playland rides. And remember the frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Laugh in the Dark was scary and fun. The fat lady laughing at the doorway was spooky and loud. I remember when I got older we use to go ice-skating at night. On a trip to the ladies bathroom I looked down at the floor and could see through a crack in the boards and actually saw the foam of the waves breaking. That still bothers me today to think about it. Was that possible? Sure would like to know. It was scary to go throgh the torture chamber. I remember the chair where all the nails were used to go through a person. Some of the pictures on the walls were something to remember. All the mummies hands, feet and other items were something to see. Thanks for the memories.
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