12/08/03 - posted by Dan Fontes
A wonderful project called "Playland NOT-at-the-Beach" in El Cerrito California (across the bay perhaps 20 miles from San Francisco) has dedicated itself to creating a museum which preserves the old San Francisco Playland-at-the-Beach.

Visit http://www.playland-not-at-the-beach.com/ to find out more information.

But more to the point, this new non-profit museum, run by a great guy named Richard Tuck, needs our help now. The original Laughing Sal as well as a truckload of other Playland memorabilia from a private estate is being sold at auction over the next few months. We have a chance to preserve the items and keep them together as a group for our collective public appriciation, (instead of being split up or held in a private home somewhere).

The great true life stories shared here are a tribute to that lasting legacy and importance of SF's once great amusement park. Please consider making a donation to the new Playland in El Cerrito. Again, visit the website for more information. Thank you again for all the wonderful stories!!!


Dan Fontes
Oakland, CA
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