11/30/03 - posted by Sam Judd
I am a 52 yr old disabled former rock & roll roadie (16 yrs with the amazing Blue Oyster Cult) & recently watched a movie called "The Lineup" which ends at Sutro's Museum.
I was fascinated by the look of the place & have spent the last 3 days looking at various histories & accounts of the various installations which operated in that area & pictures of what remains today.
All I can say is WOW! what a sight Sutro Baths must have been in it's heyday!!( I even downloaded a short film made there by Thomas Edison in 1897)
I hope someday to return to the S.F. area(I have said many times it is the only place on this planet besides where I am now (Atl Ga area) that I would ever want to live) and if I am ever able to return I will certainly visit the site of the former baths.
I made a trip to CA in 2000 in order to visit & further research the San Franciscito Canyon nort of L.A.,the site of the St.Francis Dam disaster in the 20's,so now I have more fascinating ruins to visit & research!
Can anyone out there tell me just what an "It's It" is?
I read about them here & it seems to be edible,but that's all I was able to discern...
Preserve your city San Fanciscans, it's one of the most beautiful on the planet!
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