10/07/03 - posted by Jennifer Saks
This is so interesting! My parents took my brother and me to Cliff House several times during the 1950's and probably even in the 60's. We lived in Oregon, but vacationed in San Francisco from time to time when I was between 7 and around 15. Unfortunately I have NO MEMORY at all of the Sutro Baths or Playland...I suppose we just went out there to eat lunch at Cliff House and then headed back into town, but I would have loved to have gone to the swimming pool and to Playland. My husband and I were just in SF for a 4 day mini vacation and came across the ruins of the baths. An elderly lady who lives up above the area told us all about the history of that area, and we were totally charmed. It would have been so fun to grow up in the area before it went into decline. I was disappointed in the condition of Cliff House--I have very vivid memories of that place. I hope the renovation will bring it back to much of its earlier splendor.
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