08/01/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
Well, yes, but back then, during the late 50s and early 60s, I lived on 10 Ave, between the Park (as in Golden Gate) and Irving St, and I attended Hoover. Apparently, shortly before we moved there from the East Coast (Yes, I know "Seaboard" is "correct" but really! We out here call it the East Coast, and I quit living there long ago.) the Jr. Hi (now middle) school Roosevelt in the (gasp) Richmond was the school many attended. Is everyone with me, after a poorly written paragraph a certain horrid/horrible Lowell English teacher would disapprove? The Sunset/Parkside fed into Hoover, Giannini, and sometimes Aptos(rarely), and (very rarely) Roosevelt. Are there any new schools now? Are Hoover, Aptos, and Roosevelt still there? I am under the impression Giannini still is. At least the wars between jr hi schools doesn't seem to be as nasty as those between the high schools. (I know Lowell always rules, but I do appreciate all of you #2 schools...whoops!) Just kidding...sort of...Give 'em the ax,, Lowell! And, Poly and Lincoln alumns, I love you, too)

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