07/20/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
This was news to me, also. I knew there was a Parkside School, as some of my Herbert Hoover Jr High classmates had attended it. However, I thought "The Parkside" described a shopping area along and near the Taraval/19 Avenue intersection, where one of the Zim's was--I ate there, sometimes in conjunction with a movie at the Parkside Theatre, sometimes not. There were other restaurants, as well as a variety of other businesses--I wonder if anything I remember is still the same, or if it's all gone, replaced by cookie cutter chains without anything original or interesting. The next time I'm back in town, I'll remember Ortega is The Border when I cross it! (I assume no one will need to stamp my passport?) The information I pick up from this site is truly amazing!
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