07/16/05 - posted by Karen Dalrymple
I'm a long time San Franciscan and would you believe that I was told today that part of the Sunset District which I thought was the Sunset District is not even the Sunset District at all.

To me the Sunset District was everything below Sunset Boulevard between the Zoo and Golden Gate Park. Well, it turns out I'm wrong because I was told today by a home appraiser that everything south of Ortega Street is known as the Parkside District. But I still think that most people refer to everything below Sunset Boulevard between the Zoo and the Park as the Sunset District. Is this what other people think or not? I have never ever heard anyone mention that area between Ortega and the Zoo as the Parkside district. It doesn't even make sense since it is not by Golden Gate Park's side. On top of that, there is absolutely no difference between anything North of Ortega and South of Ortega so it really should all be named the same thing. And I really believe that everyone I have ever spoken with refers to that area as the Sunset not the Parkside.
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