06/26/05 - posted by Jim Steele
OK, people, there is something that has been really bugging me like crazy. And I've really tried hard to drop it and just get it out of my mind and not think about it because I know it is a kind of an ethical thing that I shouldn't pursue because it is very sad and tragic. But I can't help but want to know. I'm sorry.

I've given it a rest for 4 years now because it was such a sickening thing but I still want to know the truth. There was a rumor that went around that after 911, one of our people here that used to live in the Sunset and went to high school here in the early 1970s died on one of the planes. That person had a different married name and I believe used a different first name as well but I'm not sure about the first name thing.

If I could find out the married name of that person, I could then check the 911 flight rosters and find out if it is true. Maybe someone here might even know who I'm talking about and save me the trouble. I hope no one thinks less of me for wanting to know the truth about this. I didn't even want to post a more accurate title about this for fear the family might see it on a search engine.

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