12/12/04 - posted by Megan Dana
When I was a budding artist, age 20 or so, in 1970, we lived in North Beach at the time. I'd pack up my oil paints and brushes in a paint box, bring along some small canvasses, get on the 30 Stockton bus to Market street where I'd catch the streetcar and ride all the way to the end of the line, diagonally across the city. I'd then lug my stuff into the Zoo, and sit there and paint the animals and birds, often in the fog and drizzle. It was a real adventure for me than. It amazes me now, in my 50's-- it's hard to even imagine I did that (I have a hard enough time now even getting myself to go out for a walk!) But, I still have the canvasses to prove it, and some of them are quite good!
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