07/15/02 - posted by Dino
The new entrance SUCKS,

Yes, the citizens of SF have been screwed again. First the Zoo Society was given carte blanche by the Jordan administration to run and own most of the Zoo. Then as a public-private run business they throw corporate parties after hours. Now with no real public or neighborhood approval the Society build a new entrance which is less accessable to most people, will hurt the established businesses on Sloat Blvd and use some of our local taxes to subsidise the operation. Of course the Zoo managers will point out that SF residents get a 20% discount on admission (which is only $8.00 a head for adults). This new entrance was done for the Peninsula visitors who have extra money to pay for convenience parking and if course for the corporate party goers who arrive usually after regular Zoo hours.I wonder if the captive animals feel any better quality of life from all this hype.
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