06/03/05 - posted by Roy Thomas
If you were born after 1960, you no doubt grew up visiting Serramonte Shopping Center. It stands smack on the middle of Christiansen's Dairy farm, located in a lovely little hidden valley below the Skyline. You went south on Junipero Serra Blvd., (before I-280 existed,) and made a right up a little county road very close to where Serramonte Blvd. is now. The road wound up a little wooded valley, with the Chinese Cemetary back in the trees to the left, and the dairy farm on the right. At just about where Callan Blvd is now, the road turned south through a pretty canyon, (now completly filled up.) It climbed slowly towards the Skyline Blvd., and ended there at what is now King Drive. The first development that far south on the Skyline was called, "Westview", (the "monopoly" houses at the top of what is now Pacific Manor.) On old Highway One, (from the stables at John Daly Blvd. & Skyline, you went past Thornton Beach and south along the cliffs towards Sharp Park. People commonly used the sea-side of the highway as a dump. We used to hike out there with our 22 rifles, walk along the highway & shoot rats in the garbage piles. Shortly before you arrived at the point where the present Hwy One freeway comes down to Pacific Manor, there was a large gap in the cliff face on the landward side of the road. It's blind end provided a good location for an unofficial shooting range, usually quite busy on weekends. I didn't learn until many years later that the "gap" or canyon was the point at which the San Andreas fault comes ashore. I probably over-sentimentalize the past as the "good old days," still, I can't help thinking that at some point in time, "progress" must have got the better of common sense...
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