03/21/05 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke
I vaguely remember some kind of a "totem pole" on the hillside just behind the "Kiddie Kar" ride. The older kids working there would stick the little kids on the cars and give them a shove and off they went. I remember the older kids and the women working inside of the bottom of the Sharon Building all wearing blue smocks. The women sold pink popcorn, those great warm peanuts in the pink and white striped bags and the little 5 cent ice cream cups with the crescent of orange or raspberry sherbet. I still remember the smell of the mustard on the 15 cent hot dogs. They also had donkey rides over on the north west side of the playground. I fondly recall the tall circular slide in the middle. I feel that the place lost some of its charm during the various remodels. I miss those old circular swings in particular.
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