07/01/17 - posted by Mary-Ann
A couple more Kezar memories, triggered by the mention of the Shriners' East-West Games in the 1st-of-the-month History Bulletin sent out today...

I worked for my aunt summers and a couple of Christmas vacations when I was about 13/14/15. She had a secretarial service business and did a printing job for the Shriners one year. I made the delivery and received two tickets to that year's game - and she and I went. We found our seats after a long, long climb to the rarified atmosphere of the very top row. And we had a good laugh and fun time - and fortunately brought blanket to sit upon!

A few years later I went to lots of games with my not-yet husband. One East-West game the East team was Minnesota State, if I remember correctly. And they brought their marching band for half-time entertainment - they were well known for their quick-time marching and were just terrific. After the game when much of the crowd had exited, they came out and marched and played again and those of us still there hung around and enjoyed the second show.
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