02/23/05 - posted by Gloria
I share many of these memories. I always loved going to Woolworth's and eating at the counter. I think that banana splits were $.39 cents in those days. I had my streetcar ticket and I went where ever I wanted to go and I did not have a care in the world. The Fox was such a treat!!!How the city could let someone tear down that beautiful building and build those condos is beyond me. I know that eveyone does not have the same respect for the past especially when they can make money. I remember seeing Babes In Toyland at the Fox and I think that it was shortly after that when the wrecking ball hit the building. I live in St. Louis and they have their Fox theater in its original glamor. The famous shows come here and play at the Fox. I saw the Rockettes there in December and it is wonderful to know that this city has preserved some of its famous buildings.
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