02/27/09 - posted by Sitton
I started Jefferson I would guess in 1947. As Jim I had Decatur for Kindergarten, Downs for 5th grade, Lawrence for 4th. Eliot for 2nd and Young for 3rd. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was Ms. Eliot. When I did my student teaching at Jefferson in 1964 she was still there. I don't believe thus that she was married or had a son. Mrs. Young did have a son. Miss Lawrence scared me. I remember her going around the room with a yardstick in her hand daring anyone to do something wrong. I hate to say it, but I think it was Ms. Eliot who didn't like the way a boy named Paul was behaving and made him wear a dress. I could have the wrong teacher for that memory. I would say the best of the teachers I mentioned was Ms. Downs. She seemed very caring and everything seemed to run smoothly. She made it a point to phone home for anyone who was absent that day in class!
I finished elementary at Parkside, and then went on to Giannini and then Hoover. I especially liked my junior high experiences.
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