09/26/23 - posted by George Masson
I attended Jefferson from Kindergarten to 5th grade, then was bussed to Parkside. I remember the 1957 earthquake. I remember the seeing the fire trucks on 19th Avenue on Sunday. On Monday we met in the Auditorium and were bussed to Parkside. Never lost a day of school because of the fire.
I was in the school safety patrol. If I remember correctly my teachers were Mrs. Decatur for Kindergarten, Mrs. Young 1st grade, Mrs. Gordon 2nd grade, Miss Finney (she retired after our class) 3rd grade, Mrs. Berma (sp?) 4th grade, Mrs. Downs 5th grade (year of the fire), Mrs. Heilman (sp?) at Parkside for 6th grade,
Went to Hoover then Lincoln.
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