04/23/02 - posted by Ron Rogers
I went to Jefferson through my grammer school years, graduating in January 1956, (then onto Hoover, Lincoln and CCSF). I lived at 1679-24th Ave., from 1947 until I got married. (My mother sold the house in 1977. I remember an inspection permit on the basement wall indicating that it was built in 1917.)

At Jefferson, the Principal was Eleanor Fuller, Vice Principal Helen Gregerson, and my 3rd and 6th grade teacher was Ruth Elliot. I remember the air raid drills, where we had to go sit in the hallway until we received the all clear signal. I remember it snowing once, but Mrs. Gregerson wouldn't let anyone play in the snow unless they has golashes on.

I also remember going to Stonestown when the only buildings were the Emporium and a Cadillac dealer. The rest of the land was canyons, creeks, garter snakes, and lizards.

I too remember the sand dunes from about 33rd Ave. on, until you reached about 45th Ave. On 24th, I remember watching front lawns disappear, being replaced by cement, sometimes being painted green to look like lawn.

Enough for now.
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