04/10/14 - posted by Nick Karels
Yep.. Leon G. Plato was my dentist when I went to Jefferson. Office right above Tainter's Pharmacy.

Went there in the late '60s. I has Mrs. Anderson for Kindergarten, Mrs. Lai for 1st, Mrs. Carpignano (sp?), for 2nd, Mrs. Wojtalewicz *(she TAUGHT us how to spell that one!) for third, and Mrs. Brown for half of 4th.

At the end of my 3rd grade year, Mrs. Cokeley (Principal) retired, and they closed down the auditorium as "unsafe", fencing it off that summer.

I remember a substitute or perhaps a student teacher in the 2nd grade that was a Jerrerson alumnus. She brought in a fromt-page article about the old school burning "Bad Student Blamed For School Fire", IIRC. Was that You? (Not the student, but the teacher :) )
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