04/05/05 - posted by jb
We would travel from Daly City just to eat at Gilberts on our way to visit cousins at 43rd and Ulloa. Best food this side of New York; it was the real deal. Last time I was there was 1978. I got set up on a blind date near there and decided to hit the place again for old time sake. It had really slipped and the chopped liver with chicken fat and onions was a back call prior to being with a stranger...she didn't even have a dog I could blame...then again, it could have been my personality that made the air a bit thick.
As for Chicken Delight, I think Colonel Sanders wrang its neck. Once a truck was delivering at an appartment near ours and my sister and her friends ripped off a few orders while the guy was not looking. On second thought, that must be the reason the went out of business.
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