03/09/05 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
Gilbert's Deli was one of the best kosher delis. And, right close to the House of Bagels.

When I was a very little girl - 6 or 7 years old - (long before Dean's Deli was even thought of) there was a deli on 45th and Noriega - called the F & G Delicatessen. It was owned by a lady named Frieda Hammer - she and her daughter Gloria ran the place and Gloria's 9 year old daughter Beverly worked there some times too! I loved the pickles - and I had my first taste of a sesame candy called Halvah.

Beverly and I are still very close friends!

Chicken Delight - right at the corner of 45th and Noriega oh yes - remember the chicken dinners, the french fries and those yummy blueberry muffins? Charlie Saunders worked in the kitchen - I knew his sister Gail - we always got a good deal when we went there! Remember "Don't cook tonight...call Chicken Delight" - and remember they had a delivery car too - with a chicken on the top of it?
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