Re: Blum's at Stonestown??

02/01/05 - posted by sjm

hi joan,
i did know the martys. that is all of the list of people you gave to me. I did also know the guyers. (sydney was a bit older than me) yes my street was great for learning to ride a bike, so flat and all. i remember my dad made me my first(and only) skateboard with a plank and a roller skate, and i would treck up 27th ave and ride it down to irving. i was really scared but exilerated at the same time. and i occasionally fell. we were not of the time to be required to use helmets or arm and knee protection in those days. though i had friends, i spend much time alone. walking up a diverse irving street and visiting all of my favorite places was a fun pastime for me. of course i spent most of my younger days under 12 at sunset playground. gotta go, more later. but before i leave, i dont at all recall the irish dominating the sunset district.

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