Re: Blum's at Stonestown??

01/31/05 - posted by jpulizzano

HI Shelley,

Gee, I don't remember a Mrs. Pushkin...I'll ask my mom.
I do remember a Mrs. Pullman. She used to babysit for us. She was up a bit, about halfway to Judah.

I was born in 1960 so my strongest memories start around 1964-65ish.

I learned to ride my bike down on Irving btwn 28th/27th. It was flat and my Dad could push me off where I could ride a few feet before losing my balance.

I had friends in the late 60's, early 70's on that block family named Mizrachi or Mizracki. I went to Lawton with their son Jackie.

Do you have any knowledge of the Perry or Navarrette families on 27th? Or the Baldocchis or Geramonis on 1300 block of 28th? I always wanted to live on the really fun block, the 1200 block of 28th...The Utters, the Martys, the Scudders? Endless kids on that block.

I have a request...take a look at the posting by "rick" under SDI...he makes a claim that just rankles me...his claim that the Sunset was 99% white and Irish prior to the 70's just infuriates me. It was most definitley not my experience and I get tired people using that as a pretext to bash the Sunset. All of the families and merchants from all over the world is really the backdrop for my growing up in the Sunset. If you feel this guy's statement was in error, you may want to respond to him.

I'm so annoyed I may start a new "diversity in the Sunset" posting!

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