Re: Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

12/23/08 - posted by jb

Hi John,

Tough chore. Even went back to my original post here and the details and retails are a bit fadded.
Here is my best shot: The order may be a store or two off
1) Walgreens (former Westlake Market site)
2) Westlake Florist
3) Comptons Cafeteria
4) Vern's Ice cream
5) Westlake Deli
6) Casual Aire
7) Office Buildings
8) Georgette's (nee Althea's) Beauty Parlour
9) The New England Shop
10) Crown Drug
Mall Opening
11) Westlake Hardware
12) Jewelry Store
13) Johnson's Tomales
14) King Norman
15 Paul Parrot Shoes
16) Medico Dental Build & Comptons coffee shop
17) Westlake Cleaners
18) Morosis' Jewelry store
18) Music Store
19) Paint Store
20) Westlake Liquors
21) Westlake Lounge
22) Frank Lamonte Realty
23) Old Library
24) Pet shop

Now looking down the Mall from Crown Drug

25) Grants
26) Woolworths
27) First Western Bank
28) Arthur's
29) Furniture Store

31) Penny's
32) Westlake Mrket and Adelaide's Bakery
33) Lass & Laddy
34) H. Lebis'
35) Luggage store
36) Paulson's
And Jack Green's barber shop was in the ally. His brother, Woody, had the shop on Southgate. Both had those charts of the various styles and the warm lather dispensing machines for that razor cut around your ears and neck. I remember the rite of passage when you no longer needed the padded board that sat atop the chair's arms or when you no longer needed one of your parents to come with you. I could wax poetically about the old barber shops but it is clearly fodder for another post.

As to my "schematic" I know there are some missing links here but if you go visit Georgette Sarle's at her beauty parlour or give her a call (650) 755-8350 I'm sure she can bring you up-to-speed in no time and I am sure she would enjoy you interest. She is the sole survivor of the center we grew up, with and in, and what she knows, you will never get from a platt map or history book.

Happy Hunting,

Thsi Sunday, we laughed about the old Flying A Gas Station that was near Joe's and how we'd drain the empty cans of oil, collecting a full can and then not having a clue as to what to do with it. Wasting time, as a kid in Daly City, was truly an art form.

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