Re: Blum's at Stonestown??

01/28/05 - posted by jpulizzano

Hi there, I, too, have been wondering about you. My childhood name was Joan Cadinha and I lived at 1326-28th (btwn Irving and Judah). My mom is still there. I certainly lived at Sunset playground, got gas at Fred's ARCO on the corner of 28th, went thru the garbage cans behind the gas station looking for empty soda bottles. Always found a few and weren't they worth gold! For a few pennies you could get a lot of candy. In looking back I think Fred must have planted them there.

There was a small store on Judah next to Fred's where I used to get suckers that looked like bananas.

I remember a place on Judah (maybe across from what is now American Gymnastics)where I used to get french fries. Maybe the place (kind of like a drive-in) had some sort of out of space or planet decoration?

My siblings went to St.Anne's but I was the youngest and my mom was fed up with the cruel nuns of the day. Were you Catholic, by chance? There's a whole other set of memories and people.

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