Re: Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

12/23/08 - posted by jb

Hi John,

Nice memory of Fast's Camera. Dave Fast was a very close friend of my Unlce Les and I always recall his as being a very nice gent. His brother, Art, was a good friend of my folks and worked at Paulsen's Men Shop in the Westlake Shopping Center.

Man, has that place gone to the dogs. Glad I got to see it right before they remodled: it now defines "butt ugly."
Ironically, that was my first post and introduction to the WNP board.

Sixteen of us had our annual gathering at Joe's this past Sunday and got it on good authority that this bastion of comfort food, cheap drinks and hip replacements is likely to remain so for another 50 years. Amazing how time flies.

Merry Christmas,

ps: I believe there was a Selix Tux right by the Florsheim Shoe Shop. I suspect there is someone(s) who could recreate the schematic for all of Stonestown, the same way Georgette Sarles did for us with the old Westlake Shopping center. Maybe we gather a coalition and just start knocking on doors along Gellert or Winston Dr.

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