Re: Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

12/22/08 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Good Golly! This thread started back in 2005 and has been resurrected several times! I'm impressed...
Aside from the Emporium, and Rick's Red Chimney, I don't recall many of the stores, etc. What I do remember is the center part of the mall with the stone benches attached to planters you could sit on.
There was one lady's store there, as you walked in on the Emporium side, shortly down the row and on the left side, but I don't remember the name.
My Mom sent me there, during early high school, to take a Charm School Course!!! We gals had a lot of fun messing with makeup and clothes, but the only thing I remember is learning how to get in and out of a car gracefully, without showing your underwear (or lack of it, as in the the case of that Loser, Britney Spears). "Keep your knees together, raise them, and swing out in a graceful movment." On the rare occasions I'm forced into a skirt these days, I STILL follow that rule.
Another friend remembers the "proper way" to button and unbutton your coat. The classes ended up with a honest-to-god fashion show where we sashayed up and down a runway, and parents, etc. attended.
Today, I live in a very rough and rural area, but I've never forgotten how to "act like a lady" when called upon...

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