Re: Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

12/22/08 - posted by john Martini

My favorite store was Fast's Cameras. I bought my first 35mm camera there in 1965-- a used Minolta Himatic 7 that cost me $150, or about $975 in today's dollars. Yikes. That was like a whole summer's savings.

I remained a committed Fast's customer until I graduated high school and stopped changing buses at Stonestown, purchasing such long-forgotten photo necessities as Microdol-X developer, hypo fixative bath, chemical thermometers, glassine envelope sleeves, fluorescent-faced wall clocks, developing tanks, and rubber print trays with bamboo tongs. None of the preceding have any place in a modern digital darkroom, of course, and I surely do miss the smell of brown chemical bottles filled with Kodak's photo concoctions.

But back to the primary topic: Wasn't there also a Selix Menswear at Stonestown? I remember going to some sort of formal wear store for tux fittings for the Junior and Senior proms. (I personally favored Robins' Egg blue tuxedo jackets with white shirts and black cummerbunds. So dashing.)

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