Re: Blum's at Stonestown??

06/13/05 - posted by JK

It's been a kick to read all of the notes about the Sunset district. I married into the wife lived on 10th at Irving. I came to San Francisco in 63 in the Navy, from Oklahoma, and to this day I have never found a place I liked as much. Over the years it has made me sad to see the great landmarks go away. They were the things, and the places, that made San Francisco the wonderful city she was, and they can never be replaced.

I hadn't thought of the Emporium in years, but I was sorely distressed some time back to learn that all of the Petrini's stores were gone.

The original shabby Cost Plus Imports, on Fisherman's Wharf, furnished our house.

Walmart just isn't the same.

To add a note of perspective - I married my wife in December 1965, and we rented an apartment in the Tenderloin, at the corner of Hyde & Pine, but we had to move because it was too expensive. $125 per month.

Keep the memories going. As long as you all remember, the old San Francisco will live on.

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