Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

03/02/05 - posted by Karyn Ann (Salisbury) Bosso

I was talking with my mom and we came up with the names of other stores in the Stonestown of the Early 1960's.

Of course there was Blum's, The Emporium, Roos Atkins, Chandlers Shoes, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, The Red Chimney Restaurant, the underground health spa (was it Vic Tanny's??, Courtings Stationery, Bruce Bary (men's store) The Blue Rose Coffee Shop, Party Props, Walgreen's, Woolworths, Florsheim Shoes (did I leave anything out??)

There was also Portals to Music (the record store with the soundproof listening booths), Hartfield's (a women's clothing store, which I think may have become Lerner's at a later time), Arline Francis, Jon Robert, and the storefront that is Nordstrom's was City of Paris - and before that it was Butler Bros. There was also a health food store - called Glee's - I think - and, of course, QFI Market.

Anybody got more names?

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