Re: Blum's at Stonestown??

02/28/05 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Hi to Shelley:

I am Karyn Ann Bosso - formerly Karyn Ann Salisbury - age 51 - from Giannini and Lincoln High - Class of 1971. I grew up on 46th Avenue between Lawton and Moraga. My mother worked in Stonestown when I was a little girl - she worked first at Arthur Murray Dance Studio (upstairs near the Red Chimney) as a phone solicitor and later as a bookkeeper at Chandlers Shoe Store. We used to go to Blum's on her payday - I loved their hot fudge sundaes, and I remember I really loved the crunch cake!!! I remember many of the stores in the old outdoor mall - Roos Atkins, Livingston's, Courting's (a stationery, office supply and card store) Bruce Bary (men's store) Florsheim Shoes, Blue Rose Coffee Shop, Party Props, Foster's (yes the from the original chain that made English Muffins!!), Woolworth's, Walgreen's at the end of the mall - and let's not forget the underground Health Club - I think originally Vic Tanny's - later changed to European health spa - with a pool, jacuzzi and a Norweigan Ice pool. I kind of miss the old outdoor mall - back when The Emporium was where Macy's is now - and during the Christmas season every year they had the "Roof Rides" - complete with a ferris wheel - and I distinctly remember waiting in line to see Santa!

Funny, many years later (in the 70's) the Red Chimney became kind of a hot spot for music - anyone remember Bubba Lou and the Highballs (Dick Bright, Bob "Bubba Lou" Vickers - now known as Bud E. Love) - Little Roger and the Goosebumps, Bobby Freeman (yes - "The Swim" Bobby Freeman) and many others. Dick Bright and Bubba were known for bringing people onstage to sing with them - some professional - some (very) amateur - I was one of the amateurs!! I sang onstage at the Red Chimney one night with Jane Dornacker and Bill Spooner (of the Tubes) - ah, yes, the 70's!!

Shelley Fineman - you went to Lincoln and/or Giannini - and you had curly hair - I remember you. Email me if you want! It's great to know that so many Sunset folks are still around!


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