01/26/05 - posted by sjm
well as a matter of fact, i was in alot of the shows at sunset playground. they started out in the multipurpose room (the one you were speaking of no doubt) and then they became so big they moved them into the gymnasium. I dressed up like a hobo and sang to ricky nelsons traveling man. it was a hit and fun to do. did you ever participate in ceramics at sunset, where you painted some bisque pieces and then the "adults" glazed them. it was so fun. during the summer they had sort of a camp and we went to marin town and country club and had cooking classes and alot of fun. God I loved that place. My first day at Giannini, was the first day of desegregation. I will always remember that day. Im glad my children now 22 and 23, never had to experience such culture shock. I wanted to bring up halloween. As a kid in the sunset district, we didnt need the supervision that kids need now-a-days. We got so much candy. so so much. and there was alot of going up and down stairs to the front doors, not like sub-burban ranch homes. We had sooooo much fun. as a little tot, i do remember my mom and her friend following us in the car while their child and me trick or treated. funny!!! Halloween was not so commercial then. Just some carved pumpkins and ben cooper costumes. (my mom didnt sew) some of the costumes were home made. just another happy memory!!
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