01/25/05 - posted by J Pulizzano
HI---I was at Lawton from '64 Kindergarten to '71 6th grade. Do not remember a Mrs. Kilbourne. Who did you have for K? I had Mrs. Buttle but there was also Mrs.Dougherty.

I went to Hoover from '71 to '74. My mom worked at Hoover so that's why I went there instead of Giannini. AP was a very tough place by the mid-70's. It's a good school again and kids from all over the City now vie to get in there.

OK---do you remember the festivals or shows at Sunset playground? Or Tiny Tots? I went to Tiny Tots and vividly remember all the adults crying one day. Yup, the day Kennedy was assassinated.

Alas, a few years ago, I went to check out Tiny Tots for my own young daughter there...do you know they have the same cutain on the stage? It's in absolute tatters and the place was filthy. I never went back. It's best that some things only remain alive in your memories!
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