01/25/05 - posted by J Pulizzano
Sure do remember Who's Ice Cream. I remember the man with with what I now remember as a huge port wine stain on his face. My father told me he had been in a motorcyle accident. Yes, the best chocolate dip ever! I remember maybe a sign with an owl for the "Whooo" in Who's ice cream???

I also frequented the store at 27th and Irving for candy and Casper the Ghost comic books (when I had money which was not very often!).

Remember the Susan Shop for girls on the northeast corner of 23rd ave? Or the Treasure Chest for all those "fine" gifts next or near to See's btwn 22nd and 21st? And the great 5&10 that was there until the Hallmark store took it over (in the 80's??).

I remember the guy in Sunset Music well (kind of looked like that famous guy in the Cracker Jack commercials...can't recall his name right now). We used to buy 45's there so every kid in the neighborhood eventually went in there. Also, the leading rock station of the day KYA, used to print the top-40 on little lists. Every week you'd go into Sunset Music just to get those lists.

When did you go to Lawton?

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