02/02/05 - posted by Phil Davey
Sis, seeing some of the statements from some of these "kids" from previous responses 'bout the "Parkside", make me wonder how many are of us are still out there or evevn care anymore.

Come on guys, you are out there...

Ya, I remember Johnson's Tamale Palace on Vicente, the Hot House, Playland, the Zoo, when it used to be "free" for entree etc, etc. How 'bout the "Duthch Mill" on the corner of Viciente and 25th.....My wife's parents at one time owned that place and served this best hamburgers in town.

How many "native" Parksiders can remember the grand opening of the library on Taraval Street when even the mayor was there to speak?

Come on you "Native Parksiders" speak out with your memories!
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