01/25/05 - posted by sjm
Oddly, I was getting ready to write about all of these things! i lived on Irving St. and remember the silver scrolly over the street decorations. The tree lot we went to was on the next block at the mortuary parking lot. There was a corner store at 27th and Irving that we frequented and then became a store that sold sewing machines. I always thought that store was a front for some ill doings. I had no proof, but no one ever was in there. I thought how do they pay their rent? We too went on rides to see the beautiful Christmas lights and usually went up to Sloat and Gellert Dr.areas. I also adored the Emporium roof rides and loved seeing Santa on the upper floor near all of the toys. Irving was a great street. Very culturally diverse and safe enough for me to walk as far as 19th ave. at a fairly young age.(maybe 8 or 9) I visited Pacific 5 & 10, De Lis Bakery, Sunset Music (I took a couple of guitar lessons there, See's Candies, Sunset Super and the various pharmacies. I went to Lawton School and Sunset playground was like a second home. Does anyone remember Who's Ice Cream at the corner of 27th and Judah. That place had the best ice cream and made wonderful sundaes. My dad always got 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla. That place went back a ways..... All pretty different now. These are wonderful memories that I cherish.
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