02/01/05 - posted by rick
Joan- To start with, I did not say the neighborhood was 99% Irish, but they were the largest single ethnic group in the sunset for many years.
As far as bashing the sunset goes you are way off base,
I love this neighborhood and I resent your implying otherwise.
Also I don't know if you are aware that Greeks, Armenians, Turks, Arabs and most of the other people you named are technically considered Caucasian. That means white, OK?
On your initial response to the first SDI posting your
Facts and time frame are inaccurate and I have confirmed this with three other sunset natives.
At one time there was a definite atmosphere of racism among some
Segments of the population in the sunset, whether you want to believe it or not.
Were talking about 40 plus years ago when most of the country was still racially segregated.
You seem to have a very Pollyannaish spin on growing up
In the sunset. That was not my experience, so deal with it.
This message board provides us with a forum to post our
Stories and experiences as we each recall them.
If my postings annoy you don't read them (Im not too crazy about yours either) and I would appreciate it if you
Do not encourage others to flame me on this site just because you disagree with something Ive posted.
As I said, this board is about posting memories not bashing others. So chill out with your politically correct

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